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Free-Range Egg Farm Suspended As Vegan Activists Release Video Footage

by | January 28, 2020

A free-range egg supplier to UK supermarkets has had its welfare accreditation suspended after vegan activists released footage of the conditions its chickens live in.

Around 150 members of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) occupied Hoads Farm in East Sussex yesterday as they called for the release of 100 hens.

The vegan activists claimed that hens were living in “unsanitary conditions,” with the “rotting bodies” of other dead birds around them.

RSPCA Assured — an ethical food label scheme — has said it is “appalled” by the video, and that it has “very serious concerns about some of the hens and the conditions shown.”

“On any farm, it’s important that any sick or injured animal receives attention quickly and that if any birds die their bodies are removed promptly.”

“Significant distress”

Hodes Farm responded to the footage by saying the activists had caused “significant distress” to the birds during their nine-hour occupation.

DxE members removed 50 of the hens as they left the barn and took them to live at nearby animal sanctuaries.

free range chickens
The rescued hens were taken to live at nearby animal sanctuaries (Photo: Moonborne/Shutterstock.com)

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DxE Vegan Activism

Members of DxE claim to have observed Hoads Farm for six months prior to the occupation. They say they witnessed birds that were “visibly infected” and therefore decided to take action.

DxE — an international network of animal rights activists — has stated it wants “an end to human use of conscious, feeling animals” and for animals to be “recognised as individuals with the right to bodily autonomy.”

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