The Funny & Exhausted Parent Gift Guide

by | December 2, 2017

The Back yard Activist Book! Because no matter how much help parents have, they’ll always need more! This book isn’t to help them mobilize an army outside, but to help mobilize the teeny tiny army inside their own home.

Get it here ->  Back Yard Activist 


Dry Shampoo. Don’t underestimate how much time little people take up. Parents have a small amount of time, in between college and the kids moving back in, to get a shower in. Help them at least look presentable, by buying them something they actually need.

Get it here  –> Dry Shampoo 



That’s right, a kitchen spell book, bedtimes need not be war of attrition anymore. The threat of throwing out toys, or never seeing Mr. Snuffles the teddy again. One lasagna dish from this, and parents will be drinking chilled wine before the clock strikes eight.

Get it here  –>  Magic Kitchen Spell Book 




Parents worry about how much their little rays of sunshine eat.  There’s a lot of under the breath naughty words, and the dog keeps getting fatter, which no one can understand. Get them this book, so at least they know they’re not alone in the world of ‘JUST EAT’

Get it here –> You Have To F**KING EAT!

This doesn’t really need an explanation to why you should buy it for your exhausted friends, who decided to have kids. Yet, we’ll give it a whirl anyway. Parents are tired, cranky  and need something to stop them from running away. Hang overs from sniffing a decent wine is good at that. Keep their families together, and gift them the best friend reserve this holiday.

Get it here –> Ugly Sweater Wine



Just a big old bunch of batteries, because there is nothing worse than not being able to crack open that wine until a socially acceptable time, than a bunch of kids screaming that their new and loudest toy won’t work on Christmas morning, because a certain someone (cough cough) forgot to pick up the batteries. Trust me, they don’t want your socks. They want practical.

Get them here –> Holiday Morning Life Saver Kit 


ask a vegan dietitianGive them gift of a peace of mind. Parenting is hard, vegan parenting is scutinized. Why not give them something that is useful for the entire year. A  year membership for $24 to ‘Ask A Plant Based Dietitian’, where they can ask as many questions as they want about nutrition.

Get it here –> Plant Based Dietitian 



the funny and exhausted parent gift guide


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