What Would Happen If Everyone Stopped Eating Meat?

by | December 1, 2017

There Would Be Enough Food For Everyone

I know it’s an overused argument.  Yet, all those soybeans and grains aren’t been eaten by people, but by the peoples food instead. A whopping 97 per cent of the worlds soybean crop is fed to livestock!

Some food for thought. To eliminate even the most extreme cases of world hunger, we would need to generate forty million tons of food, yet we’re actually feeding livestock twenty times that amount ever year! Twenty Times! We are starving people in order to give livestock food, that we’ll then in turn eat the livestock. Why are we not just eating the food ourselves? Taking into consideration, that one pound of pork takes six pounds of grain, it doesn’t make sense that we’re starving.

We Would Have A Little Extra Room 

Animals are big, really big. Beef production is killing the amazon in Brazil, with 70% of it deforested to make room for cattle, and with Brazil being the largest exported of beef. This trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. At the moment, livestock, or their feed is taking up one third of our entire plants ice-free land, leaving little room for humans. With our population expected to surpass seventy million by 2030, that means a lot more smaller living quarters for people, and more expensive housing.


Billions Of Animals Wouldn’t Have To Suffer & Die

Fifty Six billion farmed animals are slaughtered every year for food. These staggering figures don’t even take into account fish and sea-life are measured by weight collectively, with no real numbers of knowing how much destruction the human population is causing.

Their lives are started and end in cramped conditions, where they are mutilated at birth, such as chickens beaks soldered off to stop them pecking each other to death under the horrendous conditions they are forced to live in. Pigs castrated at birth without anything by a pair of snips and drowning out their cries. Of course, only the females are considered useful to the industries as they can carry on producing more livestock to generate a cash flow. The males are usually killed straight away, as moments old chicks grounded up in a machine as dog food, or veal for consumption of humans.


So how do you stop? Are you new to the vegan lifestyle, or merely curious if this is possible to do without dying of protein deficiency? You can join groups like Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting on Facebook. Where thousands of others are raising their families plant based.

Or pay for a yearly subscription (Hint: It’s $2 a month) where you have access to plant-based dietitians around the clock to provide meal plans and help guide you in your new life.

The world is certainly changing, with large companies knowing they either have to cater to the vegan lifestyle, be it food or cosmetics. We’re here, and we’re growing!


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