Can Kids Really Be Healthy and Vegan?

by | November 29, 2017

Everyone wants to raise their child to be the healthiest they can be. Very few people are making decisions they know to be terrible, and making them anyway.

So what about a growing child and raising them vegan? Is it healthy, or are all those people in your life. The ones telling you this is wrong, and going to do lasting damage to your precious little person, really telling you the truth?

Parents constantly second guess themselves, and when enough voices say something you’re doing is wrong. We definitely pause and wonder if the choice we’re making is the correct one. Everyone has read the stories of parents losing their children because they choose a vegan lifestyle. Italy even pondered as a country, if they would pass a law that children could not be raised vegan. For parents would find themselves hauled in front of the courts.

Yet, in today’s world, we don’t have to rely on incorrect information. Or go see the local doctor in order to find out what vitamins and nutrients we need. Google is right at our fingertips, and stores like Amazon make life as simple as a snap. Facebook groups like As A Vegan Dietitian have sprang up for the 2018, in what some are calling, ‘The Rise Of The Vegans’ year. Where parents, for $2 a month have access to numerous dietitians on a 24/7 basis. With meal plans included!

With also groups like Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting growing in popularity, there’s no sign of parents making this decision slowing down.

Yet, is veganism really the issue here? We all know that any diet can be unhealthy. Yet, in laws and concerned family members are knocking down the doors of the drive-thru parents, asking if there is enough protein in everyone’s diet.

Amanda Baker from the vegan society chimed in, that “There are plenty of children who are eating a bad diet, and they’re not vegan,”  “Vegan parents have to plan their child’s food carefully. Of course there are pitfalls, but there are pitfalls for all parents and for any diet.

“The reality is that vegan parents are more likely to cook at home, and are likely to be very knowledgeable about nutrition because they have had to make a lot of effort to follow the diet they do. Many of them follow a wholefood diet, and avoid trans-fats and too much salt. It’s actually much easier for vegans and their children to meet the five-a-day guidelines than for other people.”

raising kids on a vegan diet safeSo the real issue is not the vegan diet, or the growing popularity in raising kids on a raw plant-based diet. More so the fact, that any kind of diet can be unhealthy.  As parents, we need to ensure our children are eating a well rounded plant based diet, that covers them. As with any dietary choice, it is always recommended to give children a multi vitamin to catch anything that might get missed.

Let’s face it.  Everyone is always screaming at their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, but when vegans say their kids love them. Everyone is losing their marbles.   


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