Heroic Kid Raises Thousands After Aunt Diagnosed With Cancer

by | September 21, 2018

In a heartwarming story of little kids doing big things, Shea Duffy from New York did just that. After his aunt Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year, Shea decided that he wanted to do something for the medical team and the hospital that saved her life, through treatments and operations. 

diagnosed with cancer

Diagnosed With Cancer

Ann, a resident of New York was diagnosed earlier in the year with breast cancer after finding a lump under her breast. The response of Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital lead to a quick diagnoses and immediate treatment plan. For a then eleven year old, that is quite the scary time for one of his closest relatives, and feeling powerless to be able to help. 

Although Ann is now in remission, and the prognosis is for a bright future, there are thousands of women just like her around the country who are just hearing they are diagnosed with cancer, and need the same teams to help them through a devastating journey of survival. 

One Little Kid and One Big Dream 

Shea told Raise Vegan, that ‘I wanted to be able to do something to help my aunt and help the doctors and nurses that were so  nice to her when she was sick, but wasn’t sure how I could’ 

Like many tweens, Shea, now twelve, is an avid fan of his appearance, especially his hair, that he told Raise vegan, he was growing out to look like his favorite football player. He decided that he could help and give away something he loved in exchange to help the hospital, and decided to shave off his hair for charity. 


Shea enlisted the help of his parents to contact the hospital about starting a fundraiser, with the idea that he would shave his head on October 1st. The hospital were very receptive, helping him navigate the online system, and creating a landing page.  Soon, he was up and running, yet what happened next surprised everyone. 

Setting his original goal at a relatively low and reasonable amount, his parents set to work. Sending out the emails to everyone they knew and sharing it on social media with Ann’s story about being diagnosed with cancer and Shea’s plan to give back to the community. Shea started calling his friends, and asking if they could donate some of their allowances towards his goal. The posts quickly went viral, and within the first twenty-four hours, he had increased the goal four times, to amounts unimaginable. 

When we spoke to him, he was overwhelmed with gratitude and was in a little bit of shock, that all it takes is one person who is determined to see some love in the world. 

diagnosed with cancer


As we spoke to Shea, he was still thinking of ways to smashing even more goals, and having a party for his friends to shave his head on October 1st. 

To support this powerhouse kid, head on over to the donation page at Sloan Kettering. 


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, and need more information, you can contact the National Foundation for Cancer Research. 

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