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Hilarious Christmas Photo Fails – The Furry Version

by | December 23, 2018

Everyone takes Christmas photos of their kids, sitting on Santa’s lap or posed perfectly by the tree. These days people seem to be getting their fur-babies in on the act. Some of these are fails and some of them were just too cute not to post. Check out these hilarious Christmas photo fails.

Credits: Bogdan Sonjachny/ Shutterstock

Hilarious Christmas Photo Fails

Look, I helped.

God**mn it Frank. can we just stop for a minute?

This is my good side.

Get this thing off of me.

This apparently is Murphy’s happy face.

When the a**hole cat has to ruin the photo.

Awwww the sweetest Christmas smooches.

Oh My Goodness, the cuteness.

Resting Grinch-face.

I need to snuggle this dog.

Has anyone seen Rudolph?

Merry Christmas every bunny.

She doesn’t look too happy.

Meowy Christmas and Happy Howladays.

This dog’s hair is hilarious.

This is just beautiful.

Hamster Christmas everyone.

hilarious Christmas photo fails

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