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In Search Of The Ultimate Vegan Baking Kit? Meringueshop Has It

by | April 12, 2019

Missing out on baked goods are a thing of the past for vegans, with specialty plant-based bakeries popping up worldwide and a large number of tried and true recipes on the internet easily available. What more is there to make vegan baking easy, fun, and fancy? Thanks to Meringueshop, baking just got easier with their meringue’s vegan meringue kit. Keep reading to learn more and stay tuned to check out a special discount we have just for you.

Vegan Baking Kit
Credit: Meringueshop

Who is Meringueshop?

Meringueshop, began by Diane Forley, was founded with a hip fusion of American and French kitchens. Their colorful baking products will make your at-home meringue experience one that is cruelty-free and all natural. And we all are in love with their vegan baking kit!

Meringueshop is an organic vegan confectionery. Our line of organic edible decorations makes decorating naturally delicious! Meringueshop sprinkles, icings and powders are made with 100% plants, tinted with vibrant colors and sweetened with fruit and vegetable extracts. All meringueshop productsare organic, vegan and allergen friendly, free from dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and gluten.

Meringue Shop

Meringueshop uses only:

  • Organic aquafaba
  • Organic raw sweeteners
  • Plant-based colors
  • Vegan chocolate
  • Non-GMO ingredients

Meringueshop is free of:

  • Peanuts and Tree Nuts
  • Refinedsugars
  • Artificial dyes and ingredients
  • Preservatives and Trans Fats

The Vegan Baking Kit

Perfect for any meringue lover in your life or your favorite sweet-toothed vegan who would like to try their hand at baking, Meringueshop’s vegan baking box is suitable as a gift or even better, for your very own family. Their kit has everything you need to make Instagram-worthy meringue without the hassle.

In their vegan baking box, you will recieve:

Experience the Uneggspected

If you ask anyone with a knack for baking what the most important ingredient in a good meringue is, they are likely to respond with eggs. Meringueshop has challenged this, having formulated their own natural meringue powder with aquafaba from chickpeas. In their meringue powder, which can be found in their fabulous vegan baking kit, the three key components the company has focused on are taste, performance, and quality which help create “flavorful, light-as-air treats.”

Credit: Meringueshop

If you needed any other reason before trying them out, the company is also certified by OK Kosher Certification, Vegan Action, and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

If you’re interested in shopping Meringueshop, use code: RAISEVEGAN10 to receive a 10% discount on their Baker’s Decorating Kit which you can shop here. Order a vegan baking kit now!

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