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India to Hold its First Vegan Conference in July

by | April 18, 2019

India, one of the world’s largest vegetarian economies, is about to host a vegan conference, first of its kind, organized by World Vegan Organization and Vegan First. Termed, “Vegan India Conference,” the initial move is the manifestation of the growing awareness and shift towards veganism. Read on to learn more.

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The World’s Largest Democracy to Host Vegan Conference in July

Organized by Vegan First and World Vegan Organization, the conference will be held in the National Capital Region of India at an upscale hotel on July 6th and 7th. According to Vegan First, the move has been initiated tending the increasing interest in veganism and sustainable lifestyles. According to the website, “it’s time to get disruptive and spread the message on a larger scale. The Conference aims to be at the forefront of that change.” The conference will bring together change-makers, scientists, business owners and industry experts of the plant-based world.

The Vegan Conference India

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The Conference is going to be the largest such event in the country. It aims to bridge the barrier between change-makers and consumers so that veganism can be made more widespread. There would be in-depth panel discussions, plenary sessions, inspiring talks, and more to get the conference started. In the second day of the event, there will be “classroom style” workshops with experts and global mentors. One of the notable speakers expected is CEO of PETA India, Dr. Manilal, among many others. Among the many attending brands, PETA India, VegVoyages and White Cub Dairy-Free Ice Creams will be there, just to name a few.

The Goal

The Vegan Conference aims to foster the growing interest surrounding veganism in the world’s largest vegetarian economy. The platform will offer opportunities for B2B and B2C networking, alongside a platform to showcase plant-based services and products.

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“The focus of the conference is on raising awareness about veganism and fostering the growth of the vegan lifestyle and alternatives in the country,” reads the official conference website.

Veganism in India

India is a largely vegetarian nation, and with time, veganism has also taken its share in Indian Culture and it continues to grow. What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments below.

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