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Irish Baby Names List, Some Maybe Notoriously Hard To Pronounce

by | February 21, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, and soon everything will be dyed green, and everything you touch will turn to gold. Irish names can be absolutely beautiful, I may be slightly biased though. Here is an Irish baby names list but let me warn you, some maybe notoriously hard to pronounce.

Irish Baby Names List, Some Maybe Notoriously Hard To Pronounce
By Olga Gorchichko/shutterstock

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Irish Baby Names List

Irish names are pretty popular these days, and it’s become a big trend for Americans with roots in Ireland to choose Gaelic names for their babies. Liam has been at the top of the Irish baby names list for a few years now. However, many Irish names are tough to pronounce for foreigners.

Having an Irish name in the US is an experience! Just ask my son Conor. His name may not be difficult to pronounce but the poor child is forever seeing his name misspelled by teachers, even though it’s right in front of them, and the poor baby has never had so much as a key chain with his name on it.

Being Irish myself, I’ve got plenty of friends living over here in the US with notoriously tricky names to pronounce and spell, people aren’t used to seeing and hearing them on a daily basis. I’ve witnessed the eye rolls and frustration when every vowel and consonant is dragged out, twisted and bastardized on the Starbucks line.

Here is an Irish baby names list that has beautiful names, but some people might have difficulty pronouncing.


Pronounced: Key-va

Meaning: Gentle


Pronounced: Neev

Meaning: Radiant


Pronounced: Shay-muss

Meaning: Supplant

English version: James


Pronounced: Shiv-awn

Meaning: God is gracious

English version: Shevaun, Shavon, Chevonne


Pronounced: Maw-reen

Meaning: Star of the sea

English version: Maureen


Pronounced: Seer-sha or ser-sha

Meaning: Freedom


Pronounced: Tyge

Meaning: A poet

English version: Timothy


Pronounced: Shee-la

Meaning: Musical

English version: Sheila


Pronounced: Paw-drig or paw-rick

Meaning: Nobly born

English version: Patrick


Pronounced: Eee-fah

Meaning: Beauty, radiance

English version: Eva

So there you have it, beautiful, traditional Irish names for you to choose from, if you can pronounce them that is.

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