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Japan Ups Vegan Game Ahead Of The 2020 Olympics

by | November 4, 2019

As tourism in Japan is set to increase with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, lawmakers want to make sure tourists are able to find suitable meal options.

Discussions have now begun to make sure that meat-free visitors are able to eat without difficulty in a country that is not known for its vegan cuisine.

As hundreds of thousands of additional tourists are expected to flock to the country next summer, food guidelines are being developed in order to help restaurants become more vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Food establishments will receive assistance to increase meat-free options, and workers will be supported to improve their knowledge of animal-free produce. 

It has also been proposed that subsidies could be given to restaurants for introducing meat-free menus.

vegan japanese food
Plant-based diets aren’t a common choice in the country (Source: Oksana Mizina / Shutterstock.com)

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Being Vegan In Japan

Being a vegetarian or a vegan is not a popular choice in Japan. Fish, poultry and eggs feature heavily in the typical diet and there is often confusion about what it means to be vegan.

“Milk protein and its derivatives can be difficult to avoid here. I can go to an ice cream shop and order a soy-milk ice cream only to find out that there is cow’s milk in it, with just a soy base” explained Abby Hall, an employee of a food tour company in Japan.

A 2014 study suggested that only 4.7 percent of the population follows a meat-free diet.

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