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New York City Bans Sale Of Foie Gras

by | October 31, 2019

New York City is now the largest city in the world to ban foie gras — a gourmet food made from the enlarged liver of ducks and geese through cruel methods.

The new animal-friendly law was introduced by Council Member Carlina Rivera earlier this year and has now been approved.

“This is one of the most violent practices and it’s done for a purely luxury product,” Rivera said.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells commented that “Today’s landmark vote heralds a more compassionate New York City and sends a clear signal to the cruel foie gras industry that its days are numbered.”

Under the new laws, it will be illegal to sell the product anywhere in the city, and those in violation of this could face up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Businesses will be granted a transitional period in order to remove products and it is expected that the law will be in full effect in three years time.

ducks geese foie gras production
Male ducks and geese are force-fed excessive amounts to make foie gras (Source: Kharkhan Oleg / Shutterstock.com)

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Foie Gras Production

This controversial food is produced by force-feeding male geese and ducks in order to expand their livers to ten times the natural size. This is done by forcing a tube down their throats to feed them excessive amounts of food. This leaves many birds unable to stand, move, or clean themselves.

Since only male birds are used to produce foie gras, female ducklings and goslings are disposed of much in the same way that male chicks in the egg industry are — often through a process of live grinding.

Foie gras sale and production is already banned in California. Production of the fatty liver product is outlawed in Argentina and Australia, and it is also illegal to produce or sell in several European countries.

Do you think other cities, states and countries might soon update their stance on foie gras? Let us know in the comments below!


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