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Lawyer Demands ‘Equality Act’ to Tackle Discrimination Against Vegans

by | June 11, 2019

A senior member of a law firm, called Monaco Solicitors, demands that the Equality Act must include tackling discrimination against vegans at the workplace. He cited forcing vegans to handle cow milk to make tea as potential discrimination. Learn more about it here.

Discrimination Against Vegans
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Lawyer wants the ‘2010 Equality Act’ to tackle discrimination against vegans at the workplace

The protest is a part of the larger and ongoing debate/ protest surrounding veganism and it’s relativities to religion. Specifically, if veganism should be handled in the same context as religion, in the eyes of the law. The proponents demand to “outlaw vegan discrimination at work” and the security of ‘protected characteristic’ for vegans in the workplace, under the Equality Act of 2010, the Daily Mail reports. The Equality Act of 2010 has ‘religion or belief’ as one from the nine protected characteristics. Others are sexual orientation, disability, race, and age.

Alex Monaco, a senior lawyer, who is a dedicated vegan himself, argues that vegan employees must have options in the workplace, and employers are responsible for protecting them. He cited an example explaining- if ever a Jewish or a Muslim was asked to fetch a bacon sandwich, the public reaction to their obvious denial wouldn’t ‘bat an eyelid,’ he added, that in comparison, if a vegan was to be asked to buy a pint and make milk tea, a refuse from the vegan, given the fact how the dairy industry tortures the cow, would fetch him/her laughter.

Equality for All

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Lawyer wants the ‘2010 Equality Act’ to tackle discrimination against vegans at the workplace

He further went on to uphold the circumstances where vegans are often in destitute of proper accommodations like the absence of ‘plant-based’ food in a canteen or a lunch meeting that is devoid of any ‘vegan sandwich.’

“The ultimate aim is to get the law changed so that the Equality Act includes vegans,” Monaco stated, the Daily Mail reports. The lawyer reportedly offers free of charge consultation to vegans, who claim to have been discriminated, at their workplace, due to their beliefs.

With the number of vegans soaring, should there be meticulous interference of law? What do you think about the lawyer’s demand for the law to tackle discrimination against vegans? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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