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by | September 3, 2017

Jess is a former dairy farmer who turned vegan 3 years ago and switched her job in the dairy industry for a career in real estate. When she’s not at work, Jess loves to share her passion for fitness and plant based nutrition on her YouTube channel (Jessica Warland). We talked to her about the question that sparked decision to go vegan and how it’s changed her life.


Why are you vegan?

I am vegan for the way that it makes me feel. I was never happy when I was eating animal flesh and one day I thought “how can I ever be happy in life when I am fueling it with death?” From there it was a domino effect, I researched all the benefits and I’ve never felt better.


Have you had any positive experiences that you would attribute to your veganism? Any negative ones?

The biggest positive I have experienced since going vegan has come out of a negative. In the beginning I let my passion for this lifestyle sort of overpower me and I’d find myself losing it at people I cared about because they wouldn’t listen when I tried to tell them the facts. Over time I have learnt how to communicate better and share the facts in a positive and inviting way.


What’s your favorite food?

Sweet potato, dates, Oreos, and anything from Cherry Darlings (an all vegan bakery in Adelaide, South Australia)


What are your views on raising children vegan?

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of having my own children (I’m way too young just yet) but I do believe in raising children vegan. When the time comes that I have my own, they will be raised vegan until they are old enough to make their own choices about their nutrition. I’m such a dork because I’m so excited to come up with fun and funky recipes to make for school lunches and whatnot. Can you tell I love food?


What are your top 3 tips for someone who is thinking of transitioning to a plant based diet?

1. Go at your own pace and feel comfortable. A lot of people can’t do it cold turkey and don’t stick with it when they try to. Make small but effective changes and gradually get to a stage where animal products are completely eliminated.

2. Do your research. People everywhere are going to oppose your decision and try to convince you that veganism isn’t a good choice. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you know the facts.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you know someone who is vegan reach out to them and ask for their advice on how to transition or do a certain thing you might be struggling with. Trust me no vegan I know will turn down the chance to help.


What animal do you most identify with?

I’d have to say a giraffe. I’m lanky and clumsy, but when I need I can be fierce and protective.


Do you think it’s ever too late to go vegan?

It is never too late! Every life saved counts.


A Note From The Raise Vegan Staff

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook Group Vegan Eats For Smaller Feet, for some great ideas on easy peasy meal ideas for that amazing plant based family! If you’re looking for other like minded parents, we have the main group, Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting, over thirty thousand parents, all Raising Vegan! From homeschooling, to food and everything in between. We have you covered for every over asked question that may come your way. Check out articles such as Raphael – Real Everyday Vegans and Dear Birdy: Family Interference & Disagreeing With Vegans.

Raising children vegan is sometime wrought with worries about nutrition, and doubts from outside influences. You are doing an amazing thing for your kids, the planet, and most importantly, the animals. We thank you, we are grateful to you, and we admire you! Keep on rocking vegan parents, we are changing the world together!


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