Help Your Teen Eat Healthy With These Plant-Based Apps

by | July 29, 2019

There’s no doubt it can be tricky to get teens to take an interest in their health. Their phones, on the other hand, seem to be a top priority.

Well, what if we could merge the two? Surely there’s an app for that — or four.

What follows are a list of apps that will make eating plant-based, and exploring nutrition, easy and exciting for even the most screen-focused teens.

(source: Daily Dozen)

Daily Dozen

Getting the nutrients needed for a healthy mind and body is especially important for your active, growing teen — but who has time to keep track?

The Daily Dozen aims to do that for you.

Created from the body of work of physician, author, and plant-based-diet advocate, Dr. Michael Greger, the app is designed to act as an essential-nutrient checklist.

It lists foods by category based on the nutrients they’re rich in, and allows users the satisfaction of checking them off serving by serving.

Not just for teens, this is the perfect app for anyone with a strong completion drive.

Happy Cow
(Source: Happy Cow)

Happy Cow

Whether your teen is studying abroad in England, or road tripping down the West Coast, HappyCow will keep their options plant based.

This app is their guide to finding vegan and vegan friendly establishments no matter where they go, which will help to steer them toward meals rich (or at least richer) in fruits, grains, and vegetables, and free of disease-promoting animal products.

If your teen is on the go and somehow manages to forget their phone, they can also look for a purple cow sticker on restaurant windows or doors, which signifies when a restaurant is HappyCow certified.

(Source: Forks Over Knifes)

Forks Over Knives Recipe

An app from the makers of the critically acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives, Forks Over Knives Recipes is the perfect source of cooking inspiration for any young foodie.

With over 400 whole-food plant-based recipes, and simple step-by-step cooking instructions, this app is the perfect way to boost your teen’s cooking confidence, and maybe even save yourself some time in the kitchen.

So, charge your phones, download the app, and let your teen take the lead for supper this evening! Talk about basic life skills.

(Source: Food Monster)

Food Monster

Another app for teens that love to get creative in the kitchen is Food Monster.

With over ten vegan food recipes added daily, Food Monster, an app from One Green Planet, is sure to give them what they need to get inspired.

Steering your teen toward healthy, plant-based cuisine is a catalogue of over 8000 recipes and, with their high-definition photos, eating with your eyes never tasted so good! 


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  1. Cindy Foster
    July 31st, 2019 @ 1:20 pm

    Thank you, Natalie! I was very much in need of broadening my awareness on vegan nutrition and food choices. The information you have provided positively will impact our families health! Thanks so very much!!!

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