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Kim Kardashian: Medication Isn’t An Option For Kanye’s Bipolar Disorder

by | April 16, 2019

Through her recent feature story for Vogue magazine’s May issue, Kim Kardashian opened upon her husband’s mental health.

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian Says Medication Isn’t An Option For Kanye’s Bipolar Disorder

2018 certainly wasn’t the best year for the power couple, popular socialite Kim and rapper husband Kanye West. Amidst controversies, like West suggesting 400 years of slavery sounded like a choice during the live appearance on TMZ, it was revealed that the Grammy winner rapper is suffering from Bipolar disorder.

In the Vogue feature, titled ‘The Awakening of Kim Kardashian West’, Kim addressed her rapper husband’s mental health. The 38-year-old Socialite said they’re in a pretty good place right now. The situation is calm right now but they do feel episodes coming, but they know how to handle them.

However, the immensely popular Reality and Social media star went on to say that she feels medication isn’t an option.

“For him, being on medication is not really an option, because it just changes who he is”

Kim in her interview for Vogue magazine

She further adds that he doesn’t travel as much as he used to, as traveling had strongly affected his mental health. Kim elaborated that she tries to remain as calm and supportive as possible when Kanye is in the middle of an episode.

Reflecting on Kanye’s recent political commentary, the reality star admitted to Vogue that it does give her anxiety. She adds, “I can be sitting there crying: ‘OH, MY GOD! TAKE OFF THE RED HAT!’”

Earlier in January, US Magazine broke the story that the couple is set to welcome a baby boy via surrogate. Reportedly, Kim wants to make sure her husband is in the best state of mind when they welcome forth a new child in their home.

Do you know someone who healed from Bipolar Disorder without medication? What alternative methods worked for you or your dear ones? Comment below.

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  1. tom hennessy
    May 17th, 2019 @ 9:24 am

    “A review of these patients’ charts indicated that they carried an unexpectedly high rate of bipolar affective disorder (80%) as a diagnosis and were, without exception, atypical in that they were resistant to conventional psychiatric treatment and lacked a family history for this disorder.”

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