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Launch Date For Slaughter-Free Seafood Announced By Food Tech Company

by | June 22, 2020

Food technology company BlueNalu has announced it will launch its slaughter-free seafood products in 2021.

BlueNalu — which is based in San Diego — uses a process known as cellular aquaculture to grow seafood products from a small number of fish cells.

After securing $20 million of investment funding earlier this year, the company has now expanded operations into a new manufacturing space.

“An Exciting Milestone”

“The announcement of this new facility is an exciting milestone for BlueNalu,” said Lou Cooperhouse, BlueNalu CEO

“It is our intent to launch our products in the marketplace during the second-half of 2021.”

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The slaughter-free seafood products will be on sale next year (Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com)

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Slaughter-Free Seafood

Since 2018, BlueNalu has been working to create a number of different fish-based food products from cells. The company wants to tackle the environmental problems posed by the fishing industry, as well as to create a more humane food system.

“Populations Of Marine Species Have Halved”

“Global demand for seafood is at an all time high,” explains BlueNalu on its website.

“Unfortunately, our global supply for seafood cannot keep pace with this demand, as populations of marine species have halved since 1970.”

“This is due to overfishing, illegal fishing, rising ocean temperatures, acidification, the effects of trawling, and a number of other environmental, social, and political challenges.”

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