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Magnum Adds New Sea Salt Caramel Flavor To Vegan Ice Cream Line

by | March 12, 2020

Popular ice cream brand Magnum has added a new vegan flavor to its plant-based range.

Sea Salt Caramel Bars are the latest addition to the dairy-free selection — made from a coconut oil and pea protein vanilla base, dipped in Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate.

“A Next-Level Bite”

“At Magnum Ice Cream, we’re obsessed with delivering a next-level bite,” said Leslie Miller, marketing director of ice cream at Unilever — Magnum’s parent company.

“Caramel is Magnum’s most popular ice cream flavor in dairy bars and tubs, so it’s exciting to bring it to market in an equally delicious Non-Dairy Bar.”

The new Sea Salt Caramel Bars are available now across the US from $4.49.

magnum ice cream vegan
The ice cream company launched its first dairy-free options last year (Preeyaaiw.ch/Shutterstock.com)

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Magnum’s Vegan Ice Cream Controversy

Magnum launched its first plant-based ice cream last year, with two options — Classic and Almond — and has since been met with controversy.

The new vegan desserts were described by a farmer as “a problem for the dairy industry.”

The unhappy farmer said the company “made a commercial decision to introduce a vegan addition to their Magnum product line to satisfy a very vocal community.”

“It is misleading to call this product an ice cream.”

Are you excited about the new Sea Salt Caramel Bars? Let us know if you’ll be trying one in the comments below!


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