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Meatless Farm Hijacks Meaty March With Cheeky Vegan Display

by | February 28, 2020

Vegan food company Meatless Farm has taken to the streets of London to hand out free vegan burgers — just as pro-meat campaign Meaty March kicks off.

Meatless Farm sent a group of topless “beefy Brits” out to give Londoners a sample of how delicious plant-based food can be.

“Just As Juicy”

In an email to Raise Vegan, Meatless Farm explained it wanted to hijack the campaign “to cheekily show how plant-based burgers can be just as juicy, ‘meaty’ and flavoursome as traditional burgers.”

A number of meat industry groups came together to create Meaty March, which involves promoting the health benefits of eating animals.

meatless farm vegan burgers
“Unsuspecting Londoners” were surprised with free vegan burgers (Provided/Meatless Farm)

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Meatless Farm Vegan Burgers

The plant-based food company claims that 54 percent of British consumers are increasingly turning to vegan options.

“We’re hoping our brood of beefcakes can encourage the public to make small changes to their weekly eating habits,” said Morten Toft Bech, founder of Meatless Farm, to Raise Vegan.

“A Better Balance”

“It’s not necessarily about being vegan or vegetarian, we make it easy for people to swap, even if it’s once or twice a week.”

“We aren’t against meat or farming we just recognize that there needs to be a better balance.”

Do you think the beefy Brits will encourage people to give meat-free meals a try? Let us know in the comments below!


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