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Mom Brain or Momnesia : I’d Tell You How Long I’ve Had it, But I Can’t Remember

by | February 5, 2019

We all know about the perpetual fog of pregnancy brain, but did you know that the forgetfulness can continue long after the baby arrives? Mom brain or momnesia is something I’ve dealt with for years.

Mom brain or momnesia
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Mom Brain or Momnesia : I’d Tell You How Long I’ve Had it, But I Can’t Remember

My kids are always laughing at the silly things I do. There was the time that I poured orange juice into a pot to make oatmeal, and the time I put my daughter’s bottle top on the carton of almond milk, oh and I’ll never live down the time I put a pot full of coffee into the fridge instead of back on the burner.

There was one time though when mom brain or momnesia actually scared the s**t out of me. My boys were little, and we’d been to the playground. As usual, I was in a panic trying to strap everyone into the minivan, so I didn’t pee my pants. I was a few yards down the road when I realized that people weren’t waving at me to say hello (small town), they were trying to flag me down. I was stopped at a light when a woman pulled up beside me and rolled down her window and pointed to the side of my van. “Your doors are open’ she told me, with a look of astonishment on her face. Oh my God!!! I’d strapped my kids into their car seats because you know, safety first, but I’d forgotten to close the doors, BOTH of them. Ugh, I’m the worst mom ever. (no children were harmed)

I feel like I’m permanently making mental checklists (and then forgetting them anyway), mainly so I don’t forget the kids somewhere, that would be bad. Even now, fifteen years and three kids later it seems to be even worse.

They say that brain shrinkage, pregnancy hormones, and sleep deprivation are causes of mom-brain. What can you do to combat it so that you don’t find yourself putting the groceries in the car seat and the kids in the trunk?

  • Leave yourself voicemails.
  • Write yourself post-it notes and stick them all over the place. (maybe don’t stick them on your baby).
  • I have a friend who even posts on Facebook, asking her friends to remind her to buy cat food.

Do you suffer from mom brain or momnesia? What is a funny thing that happened to you while you were in a sleep-deprived mom-fog? Let us know in the comments below.

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