Danielle Johnston gave birth to triplets on July 16 and July 17, 2018.

Mom Saves One Triplet’s Life, While STILL BIRTHING The Two Others

by | August 10, 2018

Never Underestimate The Roar Of A Mother. Mom Saves One Triplet’s Life, While Still In Labor.

A mom is creating international headlines, after she performed CPR on one baby, as she continued to birth her other two babies.


A mom to be from Saskatchewan has shown us that no matter what happens, mom is right here and ready to save the day.

Danielle Johnston went into labor at her home in July, with her oldest son calling for an ambulance and being told, that one wouldn’t be able to reach her for close to an hour. As her labor pains intensified, Johnston knew that it was time to push. When giving birth to the first baby, she noticed instantly that the baby wasn’t breathing. Kicking into action, WHILE STILL IN LABOR (?!), she started giving the little newborn, named Karlee, CPR, and the mom saves one triplet’s life.

“I just kept doing CPR on the baby and … meanwhile, I have two more inside me and I’m fighting contractions,”

Johnston, who lives on a farm near Griffin, Sask., told HuffPost Canada in a phone interview about the amazing story of how a mom saves one triplet’s life while still in labor with the other two babies.

She was transported to the Regina General Hospital after the ambulance arrived, and the other two babies, Jac, and Liam were delivered by C-Section later that night. Yet, the other two babies were born after midnight, giving them a different birthday.

“They’re doing incredible,” she said. “They’re strong.” She said.

This wasn’t the first time Johnston used CPR to save the lives of her children. When her daughter Kate was 10 months old, she and Johnston were buried in the sand when a dune collapsed on them near Mainprize Regional Park in Midale, Sask., according to the Weyburn Review.

“We uncovered her head and pulled her out. I got the sand out of her face and mouth and gave her CPR, and then she started to cry. It was like a weight was lifted when I heard her crying,” Johnston told the newspaper in 2010.

Today, Kate is a happy and healthy nine-year-old.

This mom saves one triplet’s life due to her knowledge of infant CPR. Do you know it? Check out the basics HERE.

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