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Mother Raising Vegan Child Sparks Debate Online, Called Criminal

by | March 11, 2019

A mother who is raising a vegan child, sparked a Twitter debate between vegans and non-vegans after she appeared on morning TV show, Good Morning Britain. Jess Pourasghar appeared on the popular British morning TV show to discuss whether parents should be allowed to force their dietary preferences on their children.

Raising a Vegan Child Controversy

Jess, who appeared on the show alongside TV presenter and vegan, Sarah-Jane Honeywell. Honeywell, said that she allows her children to decide how they eat, whereas Jess insisted that she will be raising her child vegan until they are an adult.

The vegan mother shared that she hopes to raise her 11-month-old son on a plant-based diet until he is eighteen and wouldn’t allow him to eat meat, even if he asked to. When Good Morning Britain presenter Susannah Reid asked her if she would allow her son to eat meat at the age of five if he requested, Jess voiced her disappointed and she’d tell him the truth about where meat comes from. She did say that she wouldn’t be showing her son any slaughterhouse videos because they are so violent.

Needless to say, non-vegan viewers took to Twitter and blasted Jess’ decision to raise her son vegan. Ironically, some even going so far as to call it cruel. Comments on Twitter ran the gamut from the supportive to outright accusatory.

“It’s wrong to force any view on others. Something these militant vegans need to get a grip on”

Michael Ball @Michaelyoga79

“It should be a criminal offence.”

David Gault
vegan child
Online Responses to Raising a Vegan Child

Who’s ever heard a response like this one?

“It’s wrong to force children to eat animals and their excretions”.

vegan child

Insert perplexed emoji here.

Did you see the episode on Good Morning Britain? Well done Jess for raising a vegan child, as a compassionate and loving little human.

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