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Mom “Horrified” To Find Chicken’s Foot In Daughter’s McDonald’s Nuggets

by | November 12, 2019

YouTuber and mum-of-one Laura-Jane Popsey has spoken out against McDonald’s after discovering what she believes to be a chicken’s foot inside her daughter’s nuggets.

Popsey bought her six-year-old daughter Lily a Happy Meal from Redhill in Surrey, UK. After pulling apart one of the nuggets so that her daughter could eat it, she found the foot-like item inside.

The mom, who goes by the name LJ Popsey online, took to her YouTube channel to tell her nearly 10,000 subscribers about the incident.

“All of a sudden as I break one open, I see this like thing pop out. Oh my God. I kid you not” Popsey explained in her video.

“I didn’t want her (Lily) to get scared or think there was like some sort of freaking alien in her chicken nugget because that is what it looked like.”

mcdonalds chicken nuggets
McDonald’s claim the foot was actually a blood vessel (Source: Nitr / Shutterstock.com)

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McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

A spokesperson for McDonald’s has explained that the nugget likely contained a “blood vessel, which naturally occurs in chicken breast.”

The global fast-food chain offered to launch an investigation into the incident but the offending nugget had already been disposed of.

A week later, Popsey was back on YouTube with a new video — DISTURBING McDonalds Secrets They Wish You Didn’t Know.

In the follow-up video, Popsey speaks about how she did some research into McDonald’s. She says she was shocked to discover the high levels of sugar, chemicals and fat in the food.

“I’m never eating McDonald’s again,” she promises, “mainly because I found a chicken foot in a chicken nugget.”

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