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Natalie Portman Shares Vegan Dish She Says Kids Can’t Say No To

by | October 24, 2019

Actor and animal lover Natalie Portman has shared one of her favorite plant-based recipes that her kids “always eat without fail.”

“So many people have been asking me recently how to incorporate #plantbased food into their kid’s diet” Portman posted on Instagram, sharing her recipe for sweet potato fries in response.

“I’m not an elaborate cook” Portman confesses, “but this is one of the easiest recipes. Plus it sounds unhealthy but is in fact healthy…in other words, it’s perfect for kids.”

vegan sweet potato fries
Sweet potato fries are a simple and nutritious dish (Source: Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)

Vegan Sweet Potato Fries

Read on for Portman’s recipe and give it a go yourself!


  • Sweet potatoes
  • Salt & pepper
  • Avocado oil


  • Step 1: peel and slice sweet potatoes
  • Step 2: coat in avocado oil, salt & pepper
  • Step 3: bake until golden brown (I usually set the oven temp to 420 degrees)
natalie portman vegan recipe
The actor enjoying her delicious kid-friendly vegan recipe (Source: Natalie Portman / Instagram)

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Natalie Portman On Veganism

The V for Vendetta actor reportedly gave up eating animals at just nine years old, and later went on to embrace veganism as she discovered more about the food industry.

Although her husband Benjamin Millepied follows a vegetarian diet, they are raising their two children as vegans.

Would you give this simple recipe a try? Let us know in the comments!


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