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This post has some spoilers from season 1 of ‘The Letdown’ 

Always looking for new and funny Netflix (because Netflix is life) shows to watch, I asked in the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting group if anyone had suggestions. The overwhelming response was that if I wanted to laugh, cry and find a show that really resonated with motherhood, then ‘The Letdown’ was the show for me.

After the kids kicked, (screamed and made me read fourteen books on dinosaurs) went to bed quietly. I settled in for a binge session on this new show that everyone raved about. Hooked doesn’t articulate adequately how much I loved this new show ‘The Letdown’.

Australian and new mom, Audrey, is absolutely hilarious in learning how to balance motherhood with the sleepless nights, driving around, bumping into the local corner street dealers and striking up friendships, and finding showing the true and raw emotions of what parenting is really like.

Audrey is still the same person she was a few months ago, craving a strong coffee and a glass of wine, sex and possibly a social life. Her partner, Jeremy, who doesn’t understand why she’s overwhelmed, as he goes off to work meetings, drinks with his pals, and buying knock-off strollers to save the cash on buying the ones she wants is equally as funny dealing with parenthood and experiences ‘The Letdown’.

With her old friends not really adjusting or understanding her new life as a mother, which was shown clearly in a hilarious scene of attending a friends birthday party with baby in tow, and they all acted awkwardly and then went on to party without her – and her new ‘friends’ a group of eclectic mothers, who are a mix of judgmental, pushover and outright aggressive. She is trying to find her place in the world.  

Trying to stop watching this Netflix show ‘The Letdown’ is like trying to leave Target without buying anything, it’s addictive and you’ll find yourself sitting up until 1 am wondering how late is too late for bed, and if a miracle will occur tomorrow and the kids might sleep until at least 7 am, so you can watch one more.

the letdown
 A parents’ group, moderated by an unsympathetic maternal health nurse, played by Noni Hazlehurst. Photograph: ABC TV

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