Gifts For Baby, What Do We Really Need?

by | September 13, 2017

Gifts for babies. People just love baby items. Baby toys, baby shoes, baby blankets. Finding out that someone you know is expecting a baby, it is almost as exciting for you as it is for them. It also means you get to buy or make them a gift.


Some items below are the ‘must haves’ for the new parents. I linked over the items in the headings, so click on them if you’re unsure what the item is.

Muslin Squares and Washcloths

Washcloths wasn’t even something we considered at first. How many washcloths does a baby really need? Aren’t washcloths just for, well, washing? It turns out babies need them, and by the truckload! Wherever our baby goes, a muslin square or washcloth goes with him.


Our baby’s grandmother bought him an elaborate musical, swinging rocker that takes up so much room but has been a lifesaver (actually, a sanity saver!) He is bordering on being too heavy for it now. Yet, for now our morning routine still involves a bit of rocker time for baby. Allowing me to get breakfast and put some laundry on without having to worry that he’s harassing the cats.
Baby Jumper
This is the only item on this list that we actually put on our registry.. I had a Jolly Jumper as a child and absolutely loved it! Watching our baby bounce around in his, I’ve also realized how good it is for his development.
Activity Gym
The toys on our baby’s activity gym seem so simple. At first I wondered what the point of them was. Over the past few months, I’ve seen him develop and fine tune many skills using them. Making mevery grateful the gym was gifted to us.
We didn’t buy any pacifiers as we both assumed we weren’t going to use them. Thankfully, a thoughtful friend bought some for us and we are so glad! They’re not used every day but sometimes a quick suck on a pacifier. Making him chilled out enough to sleep.
We didn’t receive any books as gifts from family or friends until after our baby was born and I didn’t really think that we’d need any until he was a few months old. A couple of weeks after we brought him home, however, our midwife brought our little one a few books and we learned that reading to a baby is beneficial even before they really pay attention to the book.
What about you? Agree with the list, or was yours different? Leave us a comment below and let us know!


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