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New Movie Streaming Platform Launches With Exclusively Vegan-Themed Films

by | July 11, 2020

A new movie streaming platform launched yesterday, exclusively featuring vegan-themed films.

VegMovies currently has a database of around 200 films, all of which have a focus on topics such as plant-based food, animal welfare, and the environment.

The new platform was created by Veg Groups — a company that builds “websites to help people make compassionate lifestyle choices.”

“So Many Great Movies”

“The launch of VegMovies has been three years in the making,” said Jason Schramm, founder of Veg Groups.

“There are so many great movies that are animal-oriented or have a vegan focus, but it can be hard to filter through all of the choices.”

“Until now there hasn’t been a single place where all of the movies could be easily found. Somewhere that was constantly updated with the latest objective information on each film and where to watch them.”

vegan-themed films streaming
VegMovies features exclusively vegan-themed films (Fer Gregory/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan-Themed Films

VegMovies enables users to search for films to watch under a number of categories, such as “Environment,” “Animals,” and “Health.” It also offers a “Family-Friendly” category featuring films that are suitable for all ages.

The platform encourages users to leave testimonials of the movies that they have enjoyed, so that other users can learn more about each title.

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