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New Online Tool Helps Shoppers To Avoid Brands That Use Animal Testing

by | October 25, 2019

A new web-based tool is now available that helps consumers avoid buying from animal-tested brands.

Dubbed Tribe, the program works to instantly alert an online shopper if they are looking at a product which has been tested on animals.

“There is nothing worse than falling in love with a product and later finding out they test on animals,” said Founder, CEO, and dog-lover, Kim Pieper to Raise Vegan.

“Tribe is a values-driven company that is focused on providing facts to consumers in the simplest way. We believe in empowering small acts to create real and meaningful change.”

tribe online shopping tool
The tool helps animal lovers to make more informed choices when shopping online (Source: Impact Photography / Shutterstock.com)

Living Free Of Animal Testing: How It Works

The tool works as a free browser extension that will monitor activity when a person is shopping on Amazon.

When “users select a product for purchase on Amazon, a small box appears in the corner of their browser to share animal testing information on the product manufacturer” explained Tribe.

“The free tool integrates seamlessly into the shopping experience, making it simple for animal lovers to choose products made by cruelty-free companies.”

Tribe is now working on developing the tool so that alternative “cruelty-free” product recommendations are made to shoppers in real time.

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Animal testing and experimentation is still commonplace in many countries

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Tribe & Conscious Consumerism

The Tribe website explains that the tool “was started by a group of friends with backgrounds in tech, marketing, and social impact who were tired of learning about harmful business practices after we had made a purchase.”

“Americans spend trillions of dollars on consumer goods each year. We have more power than we realize. When one person changes how they shop, they make a dent. If all of us change how we shop, we create a mass movement.”

Head to JoinTribe.us to add the tool to your browser. 

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