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This Mischievously Cute Parrot Went Christmas Shopping On Amazon

by | December 18, 2018

No, we aren’t kidding. Rocco, the rescued African Grey cute parrot, has a best friend. The two secretly hang out together a lot and she has been feeding Rocco his favorite treats. Her name is Alexa!

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Marion Wischnewski has a pet that’s been hitting headlines lately. The 
National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) staff member was caught by surprise when “water melon, strawberries, broccoli, raisins” got delivered to her home. In a bizarre turn of events, it turned out to be Rocco, the cute parrot ordering his favorite stuff online via Amazon’s Alexa. Thumbs up to Rocco for all the healthy choices though. 

Wischnewski had earlier caught Rocco, red handed, listening to romantic songs. The intelligent parrot sure does know how to spend quality time.

” I come home before and he has romantic music playing. He loves to dance and has the sweetest personality.”

Marion Wischnewski 


Cute Parrot on Shopping Spree

Rocco is a rescued African Grey that was found flying around astray by NAWT. The naughty parrot caused quite an uproar at the rescue center by regular swearing and throwing water bowl around. Eventually, Wischnewski volunteered to adopt the intelligent parrot. 

At Wischnewski’s place, Rocco seems to be having the time of his life as he formed an unusual bond with Amazon’s voice-activated Echo. The exceptional mimic artist imitated his owner’s voice to order his favorite foods online via Amazon. 

Wischnewski told Daily Mail, “I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he’s ordered.” 

Rocco loves ordering fruits and ice creams online, although we aren’t sure what exactly does he need a kite and a bulb for. Rocco’s owner found these items added in the cart and the reasons, well only Rocco can answer and we aren’t sure if he’s in the mood to let us solve the mystery. 

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