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Virgin Trains UK the First to Offer its Passengers a Full Vegan Menu

by | December 18, 2018

Virgin Trains UK are the first rail operator to offer its passengers a full vegan menu. The UK travel company says that vegan menu options will now be available on all routes, with vegan-friendly meals such as breakfast pot with mushrooms, hash browns, spinach, and baked beans and in the evenings a vegan chili is being offered to its passengers. Mediterranean pasta salad and spicy Bombay potato will be offered on their first class menu.

virgin trains uk
Virgin Trains UK
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All appropriate menus options will be labeled vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, soy milk will also be fully available on board. Virgin trains are looking to include more fresh vegetables and locally sourced food on their menus.

Virgin trains food and beverage proposition manager, Julie Harper says that she wants to give vegan customers more piece of mind when they travel with them. Saying that consistency paired with delicious options will hopefully tempt vegans and non-vegans.


Virgin Trains UK Offering Vegan Food

virgin trains uk
Virgin Trains UK
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The Vegan Society has praised the move by Virgin trains and hopes that it will convince other rail companies to do the same. Head of policy at The Vegan Society, Louise Davies, says that they’ve been campaigning for vegan options on trains for months and is very happy to see Virgin produce a menu that can be enjoyed by all commuters, be they vegan or non-vegan.

Elena Orde, Communications and Campaigns Officer at The Vegan Society, says that market trends show a rapid growth in vegan and plant-based eating. They hope that other rail companies will follow Virgins lead.
The Vegan Society launched the next phase of Vegans on the Go at the beginning of 2018, targeting UK rail companies to provide more vegan-friendly menu options.  Since launching the campaign, Virgin Trains, East Midlands Trains, Greater Anglia, Grand Central, Cross-country, Great Western Railway, and Hull Trains have all provided vegan options. There are five more rail companies that the charity are hoping to work with by the new year.

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