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3rd Stage Of Childbirth: All You Need To Know!

by | December 1, 2018

So far you have read all about the first and second stages of childbirth. If you didn’t read it already, give them a glance here and here. Scroll further to know about the 3rd stage of childbirth

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During Natural Vaginal Childbirth, a mother generally goes through three stages:

First stage of labor: From the start of contractions to the dilation of cervix to 10 cm.

Second stage of labor: Baby is delivered.

Third stage of labor: Placenta is delivered.

3rd stage of childbirth: Delivery of the placenta.

The third stage is the delivery of the placenta and is the quickest stage. The it can take from 5 to 30 minutes to deliver your placenta.

What to expect:

Your baby has finally been born, the last thing you need to do now, is deliver the placenta. This is the 3rd stage of childbirth.

After the delivery of your baby, your health care provider will be looking for small contractions to begin again. You’ll have mild contractions that last about a minute each that will help separate the placenta from the uterine wall and move it through the birth canal so that you can push it out.


Your care provider may give you some Picotin to encourage uterine contractions, which will speed expulsion of the placenta, help shrink the uterus back to size and minimize bleeding.

They may also apply pressure by massaging your uterus and pull the umbilical cord gently. The result will be the delivery of your placenta, also referred to as the afterbirth. You might have some shaking and shivering after your placenta is delivered. This is a common symptom and not a cause for concern.

The doctor will examine the placenta once it’s out, to make sure it’s intact. If it isn’t, he or she will inspect your uterus manually for placental fragments and remove any that remain. If you’re planning on taking your placenta home, noow is the time to speak up.

After completing all the stages of childbirth, you will be monitored for the next few hours to make sure that the uterus continues to contract and that bleeding is not excessive. Finally, you are past the 3rd stage of childbirth!

You should now be able to relax and snuggle your little miracle!

3rd stage of childbirth

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