New Research Shows Vegans Outperform Meat Eaters In Endurance Tests

by | May 15, 2020

A new study has suggested that a vegan diet could be the key to better endurance.

The research — which was conducted at the University of Québec in Canada — showed that “submaximal endurance might be better in vegans compared with omnivores.”

56 female athletes took part in the study, with half of participants having followed a vegan diet for at least two years, and half being meat eaters.

The results of the study demonstrated that the vegans were able to exercise at a higher intensity before reaching exhaustion.

athletic vegans better endurance
The study has suggested vegans may have better endurance levels (Daria Medvedeva/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegans & Endurance

As part of the study, both strength and stamina were evaluated through a range of different exercises.

“We are the first study, to our knowledge, to show that a vegan diet may be associated with a better submaximal endurance performance” said the researchers.

“Better Endurance Performance”

“To conclude, the study showed that submaximal endurance might be better in vegans compared with omnivores. Therefore, these findings contradict the popular belief of the general population.”

“Potential mechanisms that may explain the better endurance performance in vegans could be due to favorable oxidative stress and inflammation profiles.”

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