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NYC Vegan Food Spots That Are Fully Family Friendly

by | August 8, 2019

Whether you’re a native New Yorker looking for a new haunt or just visiting the famous city, these five NYC vegan food spots are just what you need to experience the best of what the city has to offer!

In the vein of typical NYC real estate, some of these restaurants may be a bit unconventional, or have gotten creative with the placement and size of their vegan oasis — and that’s okay! It’s part of the city’s charm, after all. They may be in some odd places, but how are you supposed to get to know a city without going new places and trying new things, really?

Keep reading for some of the best of NYC’s vegan food scene — brought to you by a native New Yorker.

Falafel Wrap
Falafel Wrap in NYC (Source: Tiam Falafel Instagram)


This Israeli vegan grub hub boasts five locations throughout Manhattan, from downtown to midtown. 

We recommend their Cauliflower Shawarma, with extra Israeli Salad. But be warned, you’ll want to bring a bib — and not just for the baby! 

It also wouldn’t hurt to get a separate Israeli Salad as a side. It’s yummy, and your little one(s) will have a blast eating it with their hands. 

However, you yourself may want to opt for some cutlery. If you can, try to bring your own bamboo or otherwise eco-friendly travel utensils (as Taïm only seems to offer single-use plasticware). 

We also recommend the French fries, with the slightly spicy, vegan condiment, Harissa Ketchup. It’s כל כך טוב, muy deliciosa, très délicieux — so good, we had to say it in at least four languages.

NYC vegan food
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Chickpea & Olive

Our second NYC vegan food oasis exists within a Whole Foods (if you can believe it) on Bedford Avenue, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — just a short trip over the Williamsburg bridge from lower Manhattan. 

Our favorite from Chickpea & Olive is the Oyster Mushroom Po’Boy — but don’t forget to request extra oyster mushrooms! 

We also like the New England Platter, and though the platter is comprised solely of even more of their vegan buttermilk oyster mushrooms (paired with fries and served with a delicious horseradish aioli), we still think adding extra oyster mushrooms to your sandwich order is the way to go. You could theoretically take from the platter, but why risk it? 

You can order online through a special app called Caviar, which reads your location and estimates arrival time, so the food is fresh and ready to eat right when you want it. 

This dine-in Whole Foods may not have the ambience of other restaurants, but the meal sure does have the appeal to keep us coming back. Why not pick up a few things for home (or your hotel) while you’re there? 

However, in all honesty, we recommend taking your meal to go, walking three short blocks north and three short blocks west to the East River State Park, and dining in style by the water. You can picnic right alongside the scenic views of the NYC skyline. This order travels well and is easy to carry. 

Don’t forget the extra mushrooms!

NYC vegan food
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Screamers Pizzeria

Screamers is the best darn pizza place in all of NYC. 

We recommend getting a fresh pie of the Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza. 

You can look at the other options and try out what you will, but there is absolutely nothing like a freshly made pie for you and the fam. 

Do be warned, pie orders usually take about 25 minutes to make, so call ahead or prepare to enjoy some people watching.

Again, because it’s NYC, this venue is definitely tight. Depending on the day, you may or may not find seats. There’s a casual outdoor bench option in a pinch but we’d recommend walking just a block west to McCarren Park for another opportunity to have a yummy vegan picnic surrounded by nature with your kiddos.

Oh — and don’t forget to get some Mexicane Cola!

If you’d rather get a six-pack of them on the cheap, Whole Foods is a quick 15-minute walk from Screamers, just south of McCarren park. You could even hit two vegan food spots in one day, maybe stopping by Chickpea & Olive first, strolling through McCarren Park and ending your day with an awesome Screamers Pizza. Why not get ambitious?

NYC vegan food
(Source: Toad Style/Instagram)

Toad Style

Toad style is such a hip place, with its (albeit, at times, loud) music and projected anime and other cartoons. It’s good for when you want to drown out the person you’re eating with or have the excuse that you “can’t hear them.” We’ve all been there, right?

Don’t count on it, though, as you may come on a day the music is low, slow or off. That said, if the music is bothering you, you can definitely ask the staff to turn it down. They probably won’t bite.

Either way, the food is the real reason to come to Toad Style. We recommend the Eggplant Parm, Banh Mi, and Grilled Cheese sammie.

There’s always a decent amount of seating in the place during the day, and there’s almost always parking on the same block. Bonus! It’s also just a short 20-minute drive, bike, or taxi-ride from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. How fun is that?

Green Zenphony
Front of Store (Source: https://www.greenzenphonyregopark.com/Instagram)

Green Zenphony

This wonderful, hidden gem in Queens County is a great place to go to experience such a wide array of vegan options, you’ll have to ask what to order. 

You should visit Green Zenphony after checking out the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) with its multiplicity of child-centric activities, for example Bubble Play and Little Makers. Again, one is just a ten-minute bike, drive, or taxi-ride from the other!

Not too far away from NYSCI, there is also the Queens Museum, famous for its astonishing miniature replica of NYC. The museum will only add five minutes to your trip to or from Green Zenphony.

The Unisphere globe fountain, which is great for cooling off on a hot, summer day with the littles, is also nearby — just don’t get too wet if you plan to eat afterward!

Green Zenphony is definitely dine-in, and is a nice place to sit after a long day of exploring! This restaurant has a lot of items that are best experienced there, as traveling for some of them can be challenging. (For example, their Organic King Oyster Mushroom Fritters. Again with the mushrooms, you say? Yes, my friend, again.)

The service members are super friendly, and will be crucial in making your final decisions a bit easier.

Don’t miss out on the chance to try food from this fully vegan establishment — and have an amazing time in NYC!


What are some of your favorite NYC vegan food spots? Let us know in the comments below.


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