Old Wives’ Tales To Get Pregnant That Might Be True!

by | July 18, 2018

The Orgasmic Way To Get Pregnant

Kristen Burris, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M., a natural infertility expert, states that if women orgasm, the idea is that it will help push sperm up and into the small fallopian tubes during sex. So while having an orgasm is a pretty stellar goal during sex, if you’re trying to get pregnant, it has an added bonus.  “Most men have enough semen and healthy motility (movement) of their sperm,” Burris stated to Bustle. “But the muscular contraction involved in [the female’s] orgasm helps the swimmers get where they need to be and fast.”


Less Stress In Your Life

to get pregnant

We know that stress causes havoc on our bodies and minds, but it might also cause you to not conceive as quickly.

According to WebMD, “stress — and sometimes ‘trying too hard’ — may actually be significant in up to 30 percent of all infertility problems.”





Turn Down The Heat

Not getting pregnant as quickly as you wanted? Hot tubs and saunas have been proven to have a direct correlation with high testicular trying to get pregnanttemperature, which stunts sperm production and development. Women naturally wonder inward if the problem lays with them, but sometimes it’s as simple as that nightly dip during the summer in the hot tub. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, go for the ice bucket bath instead.






The Tight Underpants

trying to get pregnantMen wearing tight pants keep the testicles close to the body, and while their man spread may alleviate the problem a little bit, it doesn’t help with the constant body temperature keeping them above their ‘room temperature’.  Which leads to lower sperm counts. They can’t swim anywhere if they’re cooked!

So skip the Italian chic look and grab yourself some loose boxes from Old Navy, if you’re trying to get pregnant. Your sperm count will thank you for it.




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