One Syllable Baby Boy Names

by | January 27, 2018

Looking for a short, simple name for your baby boy?

Want something modern but not too crazy and hard to pronounce? One syllable names don’t have to be stale and boring, take a look at this list- no Bobs or Joes here!

Skip – Once a nickname for ‘Skipper’, meaning ‘captain’, Skip is a simple, cheerful name that’s easy to spell.

Jye – Meaning ‘victory’ in Sanskrit, Jye can be spelled in a number of different ways despite being a short name.

Jax – Very funky and modern, Jax is the type of name that will suit a baby, child, and adult just fine and is unlikely to be misspelled or mispronounced; perfect!

Taj – Arabic for ‘crown’. Taj is quite majestic for such a short name! Ending with ‘J’ allows this name to strike a balance between basic and quirky.

Sean – This Irish name means ‘God is gracious’. Sean has always been a fairly popular name though it was more commonly spelled ‘Shaun’ for a long time. This traditional spelling has increased in popularity in recent years and has a much fresher feel.

Bjørn – Swedish for ‘bear’, Bjørn is a great choice for a little vegan! Although it is pronounced ‘byern’, most English speakers are familiar enough with this spelling to not mispronounce it.

Dux – A name of Latin origin meaning ‘leader’, Dux is strong and simple. Ending a name with ‘x’ gives it a contemporary feel but can be cute, too!

Chip – Once a nickname for boys called Charles, this funky moniker is pretty timeless. Great for little ones, Chip will also suit a grown up.

Jet – You can’t get much cooler than Jet! This name just screams ‘rockstar’ and is so beautifully simple and timeless that you really can’t go wrong.

Have you discovered the perfect one syllable name for your baby boy? Let us know in the comments below! Still looking? Check out other articles like Quirky Baby Names and The Best Names For 2018 Babies.


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