Over Half Of The World’s Biggest Food Producers Are Adding Vegan Options

by | December 3, 2019

A new report has revealed that more than half of the largest food producers in the world are embracing vegan options. 

The report — The Future of Food — was put together by non-profit organization Forum for the Future. It explores whether businesses “are on track to deliver a sustainable protein system by 2040.”

“With the massive rise in interest in plant-based foods, it is clear that how we produce and consume protein has entered the public consciousness” explains the report.

“We are beginning to understand the connection between the urgent need to respond to the climate crisis and the impact our diets can have on the planet.”

An analysis of 132 of the biggest food producers in the world found that the majority are adding plant-based options to product ranges. 

The data shows that 79 percent of food and ingredient manufacturers are advancing plant proteins, in addition to 61 percent of food service establishments, 52 percent of retailers, and 41 percent of meat and dairy producers.

plant based crops
A global shift towards plant-based proteins could help to tackle the climate crisis (Photo: Sunny Forest/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Proteins

As plant-based proteins become a more prominent part of the global food system, consumer attitudes to veganism are also shifting.

A recent study showed that people who eat meat are currently responsible for 89 percent of vegan product sales — a figure that demonstrates how this diet is moving into the mainstream.

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