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Joaquin Phoenix Wins Award For Animal Welfare Work

by | December 3, 2019

Actor and animal welfare advocate Joaquin Phoenix has won PETA’s 2019 Person of the Year award.

Phoenix has spent decades working alongside the animal rights group, and has followed a vegan diet since he was three years old. 

“Joaquin Phoenix never misses an opportunity to turn the spotlight away from himself and onto animals’ plight” announced PETA.

“PETA is proud to kick off awards season by honouring his dedication to spreading the message that when it comes to feeling fear, pain, and love, a human being is no different from a hen or a hamster.”

Previous winners of the award include Lewis Hamilton, Anushka Sharma, and Mary Matalin.

peta joaquin phoenix
Vegan activist Phoenix has worked alongside PETA for many years (Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

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Joaquin Phoenix Animal Advocacy

The famous actor has been dedicated to spreading the vegan message and promoting animal rights for much of his life.

He has been involved in a number of campaigns this year alone, having recently appeared in anti-speciesism billboard adverts in New York’s Times Square and on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

2019 also saw the launch of an animal activism documentary, which he was the executive producer for. The film — The Animal People — explores how anti-terrorism laws are used to criminalise animal rights activists in the US. It took a total of 15 years to make.

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