Paging Paisley: I’m Terrified Of Animals

by | January 14, 2018

Paging Paisley:
I want to bring my kids to a farm sanctuary to get them more connected to animals, but the problem is: I am terrified of animals. especially pigs, cows, and anything that is traditionally a farm animal. I know I won’t ever go into the enclosures, or in any way be close to them. Unfortunately, this is basically the tone I set for the kids, and I need to lead by example and so forth. So it’s a bit of a conundrum of wondering how to expose them to animals and getting them to make the connection, without showing them that I am really afraid and they should be also. Can you give me suggestions to other ways I can help them?
Signed, Confused Mom

Hi there!

A farm sanctuary is a great idea! Letting your kids get up close and personal with the animals really lets them form a connection with the animals, and is great to refer back to when an animal product is on the menu and you want to explain why they don’t want to eat that thing.

I can give a few suggestions.

  1. Have someone else take them? Maybe your spouse or parent could take them to the sanctuary. You could get some time for yourself, and your kids can come back with lots of awesome stories about all the animals.
  2. Depending on the age of your kids, maybe the farm sanctuary offers “kid days” or “kid groups” that you could drop them off for. They could enjoy some fun with other kids and you don’t have to get close to the animals.
  3. You could learn to fight your fears and go anyway. I understand this wouldn’t be your first choice, but maybe afterwards you would be really happy you did. You might learn there isn’t really anything to be afraid of after all. If you choose this option, there is most certainly personnel at the sanctuary that could help your kids in the enclosures if you would rather stand outside and take pictures like the proud mommy you are.
  4. Go to the sanctuary alone first. Explain your situation to the people there. I am sure they would love to help you out, and get you comfortable. Then you can come back with your kids when you can be more relaxed.


I do think that if this option is available that you should take them or at least let them go, as it is a great opportunity to learn and see animals without supporting zoos. I sure wish we had one around here!


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