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Piers Morgan Defends The Pope Against Taunting from ‘Radical’ Vegans

by | February 7, 2019

Piers Morgan is at it again; he’s had yet another go at vegans and their ‘ghastly way of life.’ The talk show host who loves to hate everybody had a bit of a meltdown on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning.

Piers Morgan Defends The Pope Against Taunting from 'Radical' Vegans
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Piers Morgan Defends The Pope Against Taunting from ‘Radical’ Vegans

This time he outburst wasn’t fueled by a vegan sausage roll or a vegan fry up. Morgan was apparently outraged that a global campaign, led by 12-year-old Genesis Butler and endorsed by celebrities and environmentalists has asked Pope Francis to go vegan for the forty days of lent in order to highlight environmental and animal welfare concerns. The campaign has offered to donate one million dollars to a charity of his holiness’ choice if he accepts the challenge.

So, of course, Piers Morgan decided that this would be the news he’d lose his sh*t about today. We all know because he’s made it very clear on several occasions that he despises vegans and everything about the lifestyle. Piers has said that he would donate one million dollars if every vegan on the planet would just shut up for a whole year.

Personally, I’m not really understanding what the huge deal is here. Going vegan for lent isn’t really that much of a stretch for some devout Catholics. They give up meat for lent, so why not all animal products? Pope Francis has in the past been outspoken about environmental issues. The head of the Roman Catholic church and it’s one billion followers has called climate change a global problem with grave implications.

Co-host Susanna Reid piped in to suggest that all the vegans in the world could raise more than one million dollars, just to get him to shut up about veganism. Piers continued to blab on about how vegans have already had their month, Veganuary, and now it’s over.

When Susanna asked Piers why it hurt him in any way, he said that as a Catholic, he was merely defending the holy father against ridiculous taunting from radical vegans.

Pope Francis has yet to respond to the Million Dollar Vegan campaign.

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