Pig Slaughter Returning To School as ‘Educational’

by | February 27, 2018

Priestlands School, England, plans to resume their horrific ‘farm to fork’ program for children, with the school bringing in pig slaughter deeming it a ‘necessary’ step in education.

After a vegan mom discovered that her child’s Priestlands School, in Lymington, England, planned to not only keep pigs on the school grounds, from piglet infancy, and well, let’s face it, not much past infancy. To then slaughter them with the children in tow, as an ‘educational’ step, not only horrified her, but much of the world also.

The backlash was swift and loud, with over forty one thousand people signing a petition to stop this senseless education. However, it was apparently not loud enough. As the school plans to bring the piglets back, to ‘humanely’ raise and kill them. Farming UK has announced the astounding decision by the school board, that in lieu of spending funds towards math and history. They will be teaching their twisted farm to fork curriculum, for the children to partake in the killing of sentient beings. Yet, obviously, any child that harms an animal outside of the school grounds will be labeled a monster, and blame the parents for teaching them that such actions are perfectly fine.

No announcements yet, if the four year old’s are going to be expected to line up and each plunge a knife into the screaming animals, or if it will be a raffle type event, with the winner being allowed to cut their throat. If this sounds absolutely incomprehensible, it’s because it is.

Adults teaching children that harming animals, is not only an abuse of trust, but harmful to their own psyche. There are a lot more ways we can think of, that would be better suited to the school. Such as a much needed increase in teacher wages.

Want to show your disgust at this practice? Leave them a Tweet, or send the principal a message on why you feel this barbaric educational program should be discontinued in favor or a more sustainable and peaceful environment for our young minds.


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