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Prisons in Arizona Are Now Providing Vegan Meals

by | August 11, 2020

Inmates in Arizona’s prison system are now being given the choice to have vegan meals.

The Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) has swapped the halal and kosher dishes with entirely vegan options.

The meals — which are referred to as Common Fare Meals (CFM) — have been introduced to cater to the wide range of dietary needs among the prison population.

“Federal Nutritional Standards”

“The new CFM provides accommodations and the ability to be more inclusive for the changing dietary needs of those incarcerated,” said Bill Lamoreaux, DOC spokesperson.

“The CFM has been reviewed by Imams and Rabbis as a plant-based meal that meets halal, kosher, and vegan religious standards.”

“It has been certified to meet federal nutritional standards by a registered dietician.”

Anybody in prison in Arizona can now request the vegan option — which costs $2.06 per meal — by giving 30 days notice.

plant based vegan meals
The vegan meals will be available to all prisoners on request (Fortyforks/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Meals In Prison

A campaign to introduce vegan meals into the prison system in Canada was launched last year by animal welfare organization PETA and Pamela Anderson.

In a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Anderson explained that this would not only be good for the health of the prisoners, but could also save the government millions of dollars.

“All The Nutrients”

“Beans, rice, lentils, pasta, and potatoes and other vegetables as well as fruits supply all the nutrients that anyone needs but at a fraction of the cost of meats and cheeses” Anderson said in her letter.

“Other prison systems have seen the benefits of serving inmates meat-free meals. The Maricopa County Jail in Arizona, for example, reported that it reduced costs by $273,000 when it switched to all-vegetarian food for its 8,000 inmates.”

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