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Raise Vegan Chats With Bristol and Sussex Team; Get the Inside Scoop

by | April 30, 2019

The San Diego-based green beauty company, Bristol and Sussex, was founded in 2016 by Dr. Brandey Dollens, a chiropractor who was on a mission to heal her husband’s psoriasis. The outcome was a vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free line of skincare products that work with your skin’s natural process to cleanse, even skin tone and hydrate. Raise Vegan had the opportunity to chat with the team behind Bristol & Sussex to get the inside scoop!

Credits: Raise Vegan

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Raise Vegan Chats With Bristol and Sussex Team; Get the Inside Scoop

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Bristol and Sussex
Credits: Raise Vegan

What are Bristol & Sussex’s most popular products? Signature products?

Bristol & Sussex: Our most popular product is our Balance facial moisturizer as it is highly effective at balancing out skin pH and oil levels. For people with dry skin, it’s hydrating and moisturizing, and for people with oily skin, it helps to reduce oil production and balance out t-zones. It also helps fight acne by balancing out skin pH at a healthy level so P. Acne (the bacterium most commonly associated with pimples and acne) can’t flourish readily. Our Balance Moisturiser also loaded with vitamins, minerals, actives, and skin conditioners. Over time this gives skin the ability to heal itself and gives you a natural radiant glow. Balance really is a great all-around go-to face cream at a great price per ounce!

Credits: Raise Vegan

Our signature product is our Hydrate facial oil. It has our signature orange hue that we achieve by infusing the squalane and oil blend with CoQ10– a two-day process! Everyone who uses our Hydrate facial oil loves it for how well it moisturizes the skin without actually being oily! Fans love it because as final step it won’t delay you from putting on sunscreen or makeup while waiting for the oil to soak into your skin. It’s nearly impossible to describe the texture – it’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself! Hydrate is the product that put us on the map!

How do you envision the future of vegan cosmetics market in the USA? And globally?

Bristol & Sussex: Eventually, all or most cosmetic products will be vegan, both in the US and abroad. There is no place for animal-derived ingredients when plant-based ones are available. People are becoming more aware of how harmful it is to both the animals and our ecosystem to use animal-derived ingredients. We don’t need them, either. At Bristol & Sussex, we use vegan ingredients and have found that they are just as effective – if not better than – their non-vegan counterparts. Our products give a daily dose of everything you need to achieve and maintain healthy skin. We did three years of research using the National Institutes of Health database to understand what skin needed daily. We never came across an ingredient that was animal-derived that couldn’t come from a vegan source.

Any thoughts about the use of social media for mindful brands (such as yours), cultivating awareness about great products with ethical consumption & production in mind?

Bristol & Sussex: I think social media is key in creating awareness about vegan products and educating people on why animal-derived ingredients are unnecessary. It starts with the brands. Without creating the options, and doing them well, people simply won’t use them. If given the choice between an ethical product and one that works, most people will choose the latter. Luckily, the vegan cosmetic formulation has come a long way and vegan ingredient availability has too. A decade ago you, couldn’t find half the vegan ingredients we have today. Now, we have hundreds of choices.

While the market and demand, for vegan beauty products, is growing, there are still so many companies who are not up to speed about the reality that cosmetics can be produced ethically, without harm to animals and vegan.  What do you think needs to happen to further propel the shift towards a more ethical cosmetics market?

Bristol & Sussex: This piece of the puzzle is on the consumer. The government (at least in the US) doesn’t really regulate the industry all that much, so the impetus falls on the consumer base. It sounds cliché but if people vote with their dollars, the problem will fix itself faster than government regulation. If tomorrow, people decided to, never buy products that contain tallow or beeswax, companies would quickly shift away from those ingredients.

For those who want to shop vegan and cruelty-free, certifications and labels are extremely important. Can you tell us about Bristol and Sussex’s certifications?

Bristol & Sussex: We are Leaping Bunny Certified. While there are other vegan certifications, Leaping Bunny Certification is the most stringent and comprehensive. We chose the Leaping Bunny Certified because they are the only internationally recognized cruelty-free program. As a global brand, we found this distinction from the other key to our growth and in line with our values.

Which is your favorite Bristol and Sussex product? Let us know in the comments below.

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