Are You Ready for Your Next Vegan Pregnancy?

by | January 17, 2018

Am I Ready for Another Baby, How Do I Handle My Next Vegan Pregnancy?

No one can answer that question but you, it’s a very personal decision to make. Getting ready for another vegan pregnancy involves a lot of thought, such as planning out time for… conception, figuring out if you will need to spend extra on childcare, and if you are able to take time away from work.

Having a second child can be more difficult than deciding whether to have a first, there is a lot less “surprise” when it comes to raising a baby, you know the energy it will take and it’s now a family dynamic changing choice. A brother or sister would be a big adjustment.

When deciding on the timing for your next vegan pregnancy, you have to think about how that baby will affect your lifestyle.
Of course, everyone loves to share how long it should be between baby, and want to  tell you their opinion on baby timing and the ideal family size. Weigh the pros and cons and then make your own decision.

My Next Vegan Pregnancy

What Will My Next Vegan Pregnancy Change?

Something another baby will affect is routine. If you feel confident in your day to day life, you must consider what the added family member will do to daily activity. Maybe your family is ready for change – You may have found the groove that would allow you to take the extra time to bring a new little vegan into the world. Your child might be in a day school program, you may have worked out time with your spouse that will work.

These are all important factors when you’re thinking of having another. Remember those early days with a newborn, it will be right back to those early days where your entire life is swept up into the new baby. Make sure you have the time and energy and a newborn requires. Also think about how your child will react, maybe looking into classes or even introducing a baby doll can help ease this process if you feel you are ready.

Timing Things Right

An aspect to think about is age. Pregnancy risks do increase as maternal age is higher. Moms younger than 30 (considering any health issues that could make conception difficult) can be a little more flexible than those over 35. Talking to your partner can help this process as many people have a vision of how old they want to be when they’re finished having children.

Ready for Next Vegan Pregnancy?

Take the Time to Focus on You

Take some time to look at your goals and values, and also consider how your partner feels. Sometimes one partner is ready and the other isn’t. Especially after baby number one, it’s hard to feel in complete sync on life.
Sit down together and discuss how you both are feeling about bringing another baby into your family. Discuss what will change for both of you, and if you are able to achieve your goals with the added energy that the new baby will need.

Follow Your Heart

You can make a full excel sheet and run through the pros and cons, but at the end of the day this decision is one that is made by the heart, so go ahead and listen to yours. If you want another baby, and your partner does too, sometimes it’s best to let go of anxieties and do what is right for you.

Sharing about Vegan Pregnancy with Fellow Parents

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