Reasons Babies Cry and How Best To Soothe Them

by | November 6, 2018

Is your little one crying and you can’t figure out why? Here are some of the reasons babies cry, and how best to sooth them. 

My heart shrinks whenever a baby cries; I can only imagine how a mother would feel to see her child cry endlessly. The baby is dependent on her mom for everything- from comfort to food, and it sure is unsettling for mothers to fight too hard to figure out the reason behind their baby’s constant cries.

Here are some of the reasons babies cry and what you can do to soothe them.


That’s got to be the number one reason behind babies crying. A new-born baby knows just one way to communicate hunger- through crying.

Babies have small stomachs and need feeding very often. For breastfeeding mums, try offering your breast when the baby cries. In case your baby is on formula feeding, follow the baby’s feeding schedule closely. Some babies prefer feeding smaller quantities but often.

Need for comfort

Babies need a lot of comfort in form of constant hugs, cuddling, and caressing. Picking up the baby, swaying her sideways, soft humming while holding her- anything might help. Just look out for what your baby prefers and try comforting her the next time she cries. You can also try baby-wearing slings to keep your baby close to you even while you have to tend to household chores.

Tired and sleepy

Babies cry when they are over-tired and find it hard to fall asleep. If your baby is crying at the slightest thing, she might want to sleep. Take her to an isolated space, away from noise and visitors, and cradle her gently. Look out for signs of over stimulation. If that’s the case, your baby simply needs some quite time and a deep peaceful sleep.

Time to change nappies maybe

It is time to change the nappies

Each baby has a different patience level. Some cannot stand wet diapers while some will tolerate till they have rashes. If your baby is being constantly, it’s maybe time to change their diapers. To make the process easier for your child, try distracting them while you change diapers.


Babies generally feel irritated during teething and get restless. You can learn the signs of teething and act accordingly to comfort your baby. This is one of the most common reasons babies cry. 

Tummy troubles

Even babies have to deal with upset stomach, which can be due to intolerance or allergy from any ingredient in the formula mix or indigestion, boating and reflux. Even otherwise healthy kids have colic. Take the baby to GP to rule out any other cause. Your GP will also guide you to help your child break wind and let out the gas trapped in her intestine.

How to soothe your baby

If you tried cuddling, feeding, changing nappies and still the baby doesn’t stop crying, you may try the following tricks:

A subtle sound playing constantly

When in womb your baby grew accustomed to hearing your heart beat. She might find comfort in being held close to your heart. Alternatively, you can also try music or sound she might have heard during the time she was in your womb. These repetitive sounds might help lull the child to sleep.

Gently massage their tummy

Babies generally like getting soft gentle massages. You can use any unscented massage oil for this purpose. Soft massages also help with digestion while your touch soothes the child.

reasons babies cry

Swift gentle swaying

Babies like being held and swayed gently. Such gentle and swift rocking puts them to sleep. You can do this by simply holding her in your arms or use swings or child-safe rocking chair.

Warm bath

Now who doesn’t like a warm soothing bath drawn exclusively for them? Give your baby a warm bath with water around 37 to 38 degree C. Ideally, the water temperature is perfect when you dip your elbow in it and it is neither too cold nor too hot.

Change her position

If you notice your child cries often during feeding, you might need to change her feeding position. Sometimes gas forms and gets trapped during feeding making the child uncomfortable. As a thumb rule, always burp your baby after feeding to prevent bloating. Hold her against your shoulder and rub her back gently.

Though babies naturally cry a lot during the initial few weeks, yet if you feel something is off, trust your instincts. Nobody knows your baby better than you. Hence, if you feel you need to visit a GP then please do visit. Getting an opinion from a professional never hurts.

Did you find this list of reasons babies cry and how to soothe them helpful? Let us know in the comments below. 



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