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Snack Company Reports One Vegan Creme Egg Sale Every 30 Seconds

by | March 5, 2020

Vegan snack company Mummy Meagz has reported its vegan creme eggs are selling at a rate of one every 30 seconds in the UK.

The dairy-free chocolate eggs — known as Chuckie Eggs — have been on sale at Holland and Barrett since January this year, and have been selling out across the country.

“The UK Loves Our Chuckie Eggs”

“We’re delighted that the UK loves our Chuckie Eggs as much as we do,” said Meagan Boyle, co-founder of Mummy Meagz.

“Someone is enjoying one of our delicious creations every half a minute.”

“With more…people now following a plant-based diet in the UK, demand for products that give vegans what they really want will continue to grow.”

vegan creme egg easter chocolate
The vegan creme eggs are set to be an Easter hit (Mummy Meagz/Facebook)

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Mummy Meagz Vegan Chuckie Eggs

The popular vegan company is now working hard to re-stock the shelves at Holland & Barrett in time for Easter.

“Our kitchen team has been busy keeping up with demand,” said Boyle, in a story broken by Plant Based News.

“I’m adamant that no one should miss out on the sweet things in life. This is exactly why I came up with the Chuckie Egg recipe: it’s free of nuts, dairy, gluten, and animal products, meaning it can be enjoyed by almost anyone.”

Have you tried a vegan creme egg yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


2 Responses to “Snack Company Reports One Vegan Creme Egg Sale Every 30 Seconds”

  1. Maddy Archer
    March 11th, 2020 @ 5:28 pm

    Me and my hubbie have tried these and they’re delicious…. i went back for more! They’re better than normal creme eggs as i used to feel sick after one of them, but the vegan eggs are gorgeous; even my non-vegan friend at H&B agrees- she said they’re to die for!

  2. Alix Coe
    March 12th, 2020 @ 8:47 am


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