So Delicious To Launch New Vegan Frozen Mousse

by | July 25, 2018

Dairy-free and well-loved brand So Delicious has announced plans to launch a new vegan frozen mousse range!

Vegans worldwide, rejoice! The range of dairy-free frozen desserts is expanding once again, and this time it’s going to include frozen mousse. So Delicious already have a range of yogurt alternatives, creamers, ice creams and beverages, and now they’re adding to their ever-growing product range.

These frozen mousses will come in 300-330 calorie pints, in seven different flavors. The flavors include caramel swirl, mango swirl, strawberry swirl, lemon swirl, peanut butter swirl, cranberry cherry swirl and chocolate chip.

Lauren Start, senior brand manager at So Delicious said, “We are really excited about these new pints. There is so much to love; they are shamelessly decadent with 300-330 calories per pint so you can enjoy a serving for dessert and not compromise on taste.”

“They really are So Delicious.”

She added, “In developing frozen mousse, it was important for us to balance the right creamy, light mousse-like texture with indulgent swirls of flavor, all crafted with carefully selected ingredients for a delicious treat that can be enjoyed anytime.”

As more and more consumers are choosing to go dairy and meat free, the rise in companies making the switch to plant-based alternatives is growing. Recently IKEA announced it plans to introduce a vegan soft serve ice cream in its stores, Air New Zealand partnered with Impossible Foods to provide the Impossible Burger on its flights, and vegetarian brand Quorn have announced they have invested $9 million in a bid to develop a new ‘bleeding’ vegan burger to compete with the Impossible Burger.

With more people embracing the dairy-free trend, the range of plant-based frozen foods keeps growing, which just means we’ll have more to pick from.

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Photo credit: So Delicious Dairy Free on Facebook

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