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Staying Close To Your Teenager As They Age

by | November 26, 2018

Teenage is a sensitive period, both, for the kid transitioning into an adult as well as for the parents. Though cultural presumptions might force you to look down upon, staying close to your teenager, as a sign of dependence; however it might be the time to welcome a refreshing new take on this. Read further to know why. 

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According to a study published in Science Daily, teenagers who have a close bond with their parents were able to lead better independent lives as an adult. During her research, Dr. Irit Yanir conducted several detailed interviews with young adults, parents, and psychologists before coming to a conclusion. She also got 100 families, comprising of mother, father and daughter, to complete 300 surveys- all part of the research. According to Dr. Irit , “An independent young adult is one who exhibits independence not only in his day-to-day life but also in the emotional sphere, and who makes his way in life with emotional and intellectual autonomy”, as she quoted to Science Daily. “The research found that following adolescence, the familial connection is an important factor in forming one’s identity and living an independent life. It seems that not only can independence and closeness exist together, but they actually flourish together,” she further adds. Scroll further to know how to make, staying close to your teenager, a possibility. 

staying close to your teenager

5 Ways To Make Staying Close To Your Teenager A Possibility

Below are the top 5 ways in which you can establish a close bond with your teen, hopefully. 


The most important part of staying close to your teenager is empathizing with them. Listen to their dreams, fears, feelings and try empathizing with their emotions. Prescribe less and listen more even if you feel you have tons of good advice to give. Teens harbor a strong desire to be heard, so be a sounding board to them.

Spend Time Together

Spend some quality time with your teenager. It can be anything from playing their favorite game together to watching movies or cooking. When you spend time with your teen doing things they love, you are creating an invisible channel that opens up- the chances of your teen trusting you with their secrets. There’s a great possibility of warm interactions with your teenager. 

Be Welcoming Toy Your Teen’s Friends

If you want your teenager to spend more time around you, be welcoming to their friends as well. Hand out some midnight snacks if your teen’s friend is staying over. 

Understand Your Teenager’s Tantrums May Not Be About You At All

So your teen just went out banging the door, stomping her feet and shouting ‘you’ll never understand’? Relax and don’t take it personally. Teenagers have a hard time coping with mixed emotions and are immature to untangle their feelings. As a result, they experience emotional outbursts. In such situations, take a deep breath and try looking at thing from their point of view. Remember you too were a teenager once and it is pretty messy- having to deal with plethora of emotional and physical changes. That’s not your teenager talking. Its the hormone fairy!

Minimize Arguments

Arguments might be inevitable, however try minimizing them . Heated discussions, arguments and verbal fights are always ugly. If your teen talk backs or shows disrespect towards you, withdraw from the situation and let them calm down first. Talk to you teen when he/she has settled down and is up for a peaceful discussion. Remember you are the parent and you will be always. Let them know when their comments hurt you. Try to reach a common point during discussions and if that seems impossible, respectfully retreat. Minimize distractions to maximize the warmth in your bond. It might not be as easy as it sounds but it is worth it. 

Hope above tips help. 



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