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Steve-O Receives Backlash for Quitting Veganism

by | February 21, 2019

Steve-O receives backlash for quitting veganism. Read more about it here…

Oh no, Steve-O, say it ain’t so. Ex-vegan and Jacka** stunt-man Steve-O announced on YouTuber Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast last December that he had quit veganism and is now a pescatarian, even though he still loves animals. The animal rights activist reportedly went vegan a long time ago, claiming it was for the animals, he even planned to open an animal sanctuary.

Steve-O Receives Backlash for Quitting Veganism

Steve-O Receives Backlash for Quitting Veganism

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Steve-O Receives Backlash for Quitting Veganism

Steve-O, who’s never been shy to drop a few F-bombs, took to Instagram to defend himself from the backlash that he’s received from vegans for eating fish. The star posted several pictures of himself in various poses with vegetables and let loose on those who have ‘attacked’ him. He dropped the F-bomb and called vegans “annoying” and “combative” for attacking him, for not being a militant vegan and for feeding his cats a non-vegan diet. He went on to accuse vegans of doing more harm than good.

Well, naturally the vegans didn’t slither away quietly after that. One commenter on Instagram asked him how much the meat industry had paid him for pulling a stunt like this to make vegans look bad. Steve-O responded in the best way he knows how by calling him an a**hole.

Steve-O Receives Backlash for Quitting Veganism

Not all of the comments were militant and combative though, and some congratulated Steve-O for not forcing a vegan diet on his cat.

Others politely questioned the ex stunt-man, asking him why he’d changed his views on the fact that fish are sentient beings that don’t want to die and that they feel pain just like us.

Steve-O Receives Backlash for Quitting Veganism

While Steve-O may not be vegan anymore, he still seems to love most of the animals. In the past, Steve-O has proven just how far he will go for the animals. Last year he rescued a Peruvian street dog. He has been known to take down African poachers with his bare hands.

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