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Summer Skincare Essentials For Mom And Dad

by | August 7, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to let your natural skin shine and bring out that sun-kissed look and feel.

Whether you’re heading to the pool or picnicking at the park, skin care is vital for protection against sun damage and environmental pollutants, and will help bring that perfect summer glow to life.

What follows are a list of vegan summer skincare essentials to leave mom, dad, or anyone else, for that matter, looking and feeling amazing.

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Face Wash

Starting with a clean base is the first step in building an effective facial skincare routine.

Your skin is exposed to pollutants throughout the day, especially in the summer heat, which can lead to unwanted oils and breakouts. Having an effective daily face wash is important for decongesting your pores and giving your skin a fresh and clean feel and look.

Those looking for that squeaky clean feel will want to make a gentle vegan face wash —  like this one from 100% Pure — a daily habit.

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Wearing a facial SPF is instrumental in protecting your skin from sun damage throughout the year, especially during the summer.

You can do your skin and yourself a massive favor by making a vegan sunscreen — like this one from Juice Beauty — part of your routine today.

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Toner can be one of the most refreshing parts of a skincare routine, especially if your skin trends toward oiliness and breakouts.

A good toner can help balance your complexion, shrink your pores and keep your skin free of impurities. Try adding a spritz of toner — like this one from Acure — after your face wash and before moisturizing to enhance your summer skincare routine. 

You can also keep a bottle in your beach bag for an on-the-go skin refresher throughout the day, perfect for those scorching summer days when your skin is little too glowy. Sweat is just a natural highlighter though, right?

Facial Cream
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A quality moisturizer — like this one from Urban Oreganics — is your skin’s number one defense against environmental skin polluters like dirt and dryness.

Finding a moisturizer that is gentle enough to be used daily, yet will keep your skin hydrated throughout your adventures is essential to keeping it feeling its best year-round. 

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Face Mask

Face masks — like this one from Herbivore — are the perfect way to personalize your skincare routine.

Depending on your skincare needs, you can find a variety of vegan face masks which hydrate, resurface, and remove oils to include in your skincare routine.

Sheet masks are a great option for one-time treatments, but buying a mask you love a bottle will allow for multiple uses, and save on waste.

Face Oil
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A facial serum — like this one from Derma E — is an instant dose of deep penetrating moisture for your skin.

If you find your skin looking dull or dry, a facial serum is a perfect way to rehydrate and give it the moisture it needs. A serum is also the perfect way to give your skin that dewy summer look.

Facial Wipes
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Makeup Remover

For those who wear makeup, an effective remover will help keep pores clear, remove dead skin cells, and reduce the likelihood of breakouts from products lingering on your skin.

You can go for a bottled version, or keep some makeup remover wipes — like these ones from Pacifica — on hand for those trips to the beach, pool, or gym this summer.

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Lip balm

Lips are easy to forget about, granted, but you’ll want to keep them moisturized in the summer heat.

Using a moisturizing lip product — like this balm from Booda Organics — is important for locking moisture in and dryness out. If you’re prone to dry lips in summer, throw an extra lip balm in your bag, and try exfoliating your lips to kick dead skin and dry lips to the curb. 

What are your summer skincare essentials? Let us know in the comments below.


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