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Support Versus Judgment, How To Deal With It

by | September 13, 2017

Standing at the checkout with my baby, I watched as a stressed looking mama lead her screaming toddler through the mall. We’ve all seen mothers with their children in similar scenarios and there’s two types of people. Ones who will take it upon themselves to do something about the situation. Parenting causes us to make choices every day. 

Then, there’s the people who will tell anyone around them who’ll listen just what they would do if it were their child. ‘Making a scene’, or worse, what that mama ‘should’ do. ‘She should take that kid home’. ‘He/She needs a stern taking to’. ‘That behavior is just asking for a smack on the behind!’.

“Those People Make Me Cringe”
Isn’t parenting hard enough without being judged? Aren’t those times like the one that mother and her son were going through stressful enough without feeling the disapproving stares of strangers on their backs? There’s no way that the people passing these judgement can know what their story is. Quite frankly, it’s none of their business.
Then there are the people who do their best to help. They attempt to diffuse the situation by distracting the toddler. They smile at the mama, they support her as she tries her best to get her shopping done. Then get her baby and herself out of the stressful environment of the busy mall, so they can both relax.
Those People Make Me So Happy!
What a wonderful thing it is to support someone you don’t know through a trying time. Those people have no idea what that mama’s situation is beyond the scenario in front of them so they do what they can to help while they have the opportunity and leave it at that- No judgement, no ‘advice’, just love and support for a fellow human who needs it.
It’s so easy to judge, especially when you believe strongly in your own way of doing things- but isn’t it even easier to offer support? Doesn’t it feel better? At the end of the day, we all have our own way of dealing with a stressful situation and being told that we should be doing things differently is never much help. If we all make an effort to stop, think, and choose to support rather than judge each other, wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place? Isn’t that what we want for our children? Isn’t that the mindset we hope they will carry with them through life?
Let’s choose support over judgment and create a nicer world for each other and for our children.

A Note From The Raise Vegan Staff

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