Surviving Toddlers

by | September 13, 2017

Surviving Toddlers

Do Young Moms Have More Energy?

Toddlers are hard, parenting is hard, the entire thing is a test of wills, or a war of attrition. We’re not entirely sure, but one thing i have realized, no one really tells you how difficult it really is. All we can do is wait for the next parent to come along and commiserate!

Surviving those first toddler melt downs and side eyes from strangers. It’s no wonder people joke about wine breakfast!

I’m a decently new, fairly young mama, still in my twenties. Which puts me already as a target of scrutiny when leaving the house. NYC are home to what I call “financially stable mothers” which has nothing to do with finance. More that they waited to have children until they were in their thirties.

There’s nothing wrong with that, people can decide when or if to have children or adopt. Yet, I think a mom in their 20’s is seen as a little more reckless. Or possibly reckless with the usage of condoms. ha ha.   My husband is just about to hit thirty and sometimes, it feels like people think we’re from an episode of ‘teen mom’. Youth doesn’t mean we don’t feel the exhaustion of parenthood. It just means we’re going to have an even bigger freak out, at those wrinkles!

I never thought I could live off of a few hours of sleep, I’ve always been the type to go to bed early and get a solid eight to ten hours of sleep. Wow!  Are those days are gone?! We’ve been co-sleeping since we got home from the hospital and realized ‘holy banana’. This little peanut will only sleep on our chests!
After reading article after article on pros and cons of co-sleeping, and after trying to sleep in shifts during the night. We both took the blankets and pillows off the bed and said “Good Night”. With Benjamin tucked in my arm nursing at his leisure throughout the night. Fast forward 16 months later and we’re both back to limited sleep and very sore backs. With having a flailing and still leisure nursing toddler in the bed.
A huge part of my daily life is figuring out how to eat healthy, exercise, when I’m not trying to keep a little boy out of the cat’s water bowl, and feel mentally well, all the while a lot of outside factors are against us. My family is vegan, and we eat about 75% raw foods. I do continuous research on what humans should be eating to prolong their lives, and also a lot of reading on how to nurture a developing child. I’ll be sharing my research with you all, hoping to help you grow as much as it helps my family. In the meantime, you’ll find me running around frantically looking for my phone while talking to someone on it.
What about your family, are you an older parent or a younger one? What made you decide to start your family at this age? Leave us a comment in the section below. We can’t wait to hear your story!



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  1. Siri
    January 11th, 2018 @ 7:05 pm

    This article resonates SO MUCH with me! I had my first daughter at 26 (not planned at that time, but definitely wanted kids at some point) — we have been vegetarian for years & finally took the plunge into veganism (why didn’t I do it sooner!?) Never thought we’d co-sleep but have been since my daughter was 4 months old because mama needs to sleep!!! And my daughter still nurses to sleep & is 15 months now we have a strong-willed, curious toddler on our hands! So glad there are other mama’s out there on a similar path! ? You’re not alone!

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